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Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery 

Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery is the prime witness of more than four years of violent warfare. From 1915 until 1920 the hamlet of Lijssenthoek became the venue for the biggest evacuation hospital in the Ypres Salient. Today the cemetery evokes daily reflections of the Great War. The visitor centre offers you an interpretation of this unique site.

visitor centre picture taken by Michaël Depestele

Discover the story of Remy Siding, a group of Casualty Clearing Stations which made history, both military and scientific.
The story of the cemetery, the largest hospital cemetery in the Ypres Salient, with almost 11,000 victims, representing 30 nationalities.

The timeline, a chart of the cemetery, the context of the Great War, the events and nonevents in the Ypres Salient, Poperinge and Lijssenthoek.

 panel Remy Siding

Explore the touch table

Search tools to look up names, dates, regiments, batallions, ... Find out the exact location of a headstone on the cemetery scheme.

Facilities to browse the hospital diaries, to registrate or to ask a question.

Slideshows, displays with donations and archaeological objects, 3D movie,...

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Listen to thirty audio- snippets from letters, war diaries, registers, ... witnesses from the past and present,whispering to you from behind the walls.

listening wall at visitor centre

Read the tear-off calendar, changing every day, telling the story of one of the victims who  died that day.

Print it and let the story guide you to that one specific headstone.

Daily calendar and photo wall

Look at the photo wall with 1,400 portraits, a growing scrapbook, faces behind the headstones

wall with portraits of victims that are buried at Lijssenthoek

Walk to the cemetery, along the footpath a line-up of 1392 poles, the chart of the cemetery guiding you towards a place of remembrance.

1392 poles guide you to the entrance of the cemetery
applicatie Dagboek 14-18

The Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery Application guides you through the story of nurse Jane, the research of Guillaume and the work of gardner Tom. Your smartphone leads you up the cemetery to ten points of interest, each with a historic meaning. The characters are very much alive. Images and sounds increase the experience of the past. The field hospital emerges from the surrounding fields. This application is part of "Diary 14-18", a series which is linking to five important WW1-sites. Free download available on the App Store and Google Play.

Click here to download the app.

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Practical information:

Daily open from 9 am - 6 pm
Free Admission
Car - Coach Parking available on site
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