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Name Initials Rank Unit & Regiment Date of death RefPerk &
RefRij & RefNr
ADAMS CE Gunner 51st, Brigade,
Royal Field Artillery
25 April 1918 XXVII, H, 11A
ADAMS CF Private 20th, Bn.,
Central Ontario Regiment
10 June 1916 VII, C, 21A
ADAMS EG Private 13th, Bn.,
Middlesex Regiment
27 October 1915 I, B, 34
ADAMS EW Private 10th, Bn.,
Essex Regiment
13 August 1917 XVII, F, 15
ADAMS GH Private 13th, Bn.,
Middlesex Regiment
18 November 1915 IV, A, 9
ADAMS H Private 1st, Bn.,
Canadian Mounted Rifles
2 November 1917 XXI, HH, 5
ADAMS JC Private 3rd, Bn.,
Central Ontario (Toronto) Regiment
10 November 1917 XXII, EE, 19
ADAMS JPF Lieutenant 20th, Squadron,
Royal Air Force (Flying Corps)
14 October 1917 XXI, H, 1
ADAMS T Private 1st/4th, Bn.,
York and Lancaster Regiment
21 December 1915 II, B, 17
ADAMS VM Private 1st/6th, Bn.,
King's (Liverpool Regiment)
1 August 1917 XVI, G, 21
ADAMS WJ Gunner 50th, Brigade,
Royal Field Artillery
19 April 1918 XXVI, G, 15
ADAMS W Private 2nd, Bn.,
Suffolk Regiment
26 September 1917 XXIII, C, 1
ADAMS W Private 1st, Bn.,
Welsh Guards
20 July 1916 VIII, C, 37
ADAMS JT Gunner 294th, Siege Bty.,
Royal Garrison Artillery
26 September 1917 XIX, C, 14
ADDERLEY WF Private 1st, Bn.,
Worcestershire Regiment
12 January 1918 XXVI, CC, 2A
ADDICOTT LH Gunner 148th, Brigade,
Royal Field Artillery
29 April 1918 XXVIII, E, 7
ADDISON J Private 1st (Royal), Dragoons 21 November 1915 IV, A, 16A
ADKIN W Private 1st/6th, Bn.,
Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment)
1 October 1915 I, C, 28
ADKINS JFB Private 2nd, Bn.,
Suffolk Regiment
1 October 1917 XXV, J, 9A
ADLER W Private 3rd, Infantry Labour Coy.,
Middlesex Regiment
25 May 1917 XII, B, 21A


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