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Détails victime

Informations personnelles

  • DS
  • New York
  • USA
  • Only son of David and Isabel Beattie of Troy, New York
  • Troy High School
  • Employee in the Manufacturers' Bank
  • Originally his grave number was 32 C 14;

Données militaires

  • 1202774
  • Serjeant
  • 105th Regt. American Infantry
  • 27th Division
  • Am.E.F.
  • Joined the 2nd Infantry Regiment of the New York Army National Guard; went to Mexican border in 1916 and stayed in this Regiment; to Europe in May 1918; on 14 July, his regiment became the first American regiment to take over a sector of the trench lines in Belgium, occupying a section of the Dikkebus Line near Poperinge; Sgt. Beattie was a forward artillery observer


  • 31 August, Dikkebusch Line, observation post
  • Killed in action by artillery shrapnel; it struck him on the head, at the left temple.
  • 31 August 1918
  • 22
  • XXXII - A - 15



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