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Name Initials Rank Unit & Regiment Date of death RefPerk &
RefRij & RefNr
ADLINGTON TF Lance Corporal 42nd, Coy.,
Machine Gun Corps
26 October 1917 XXII, A, 17
AGAR A Rifleman 21st, Bn.,
King's Royal Rifle Corps
14 June 1917 XV, H, 18A
AGNEW JWA Private 12th, Field Ambulance,
Australian Army Medical Corps
29 September 1917 XXV, AA, 11
AIKENHEAD W Corporal 9th, Bn.,
Rifle Brigade
25 September 1915 I, C, 25A
AINSLEY G Private 34th Div., Supply Column,
Royal Army Service Corps
26 July 1917 XVI, I, 6
AINSLIE MF Lieutenant 12th, Bn.,
King's (Liverpool Regiment)
17 April 1916 V, A, 19
AINSLIE R Private 2nd, Bn.,
Durham Light Infantry
1 January 1916 IV, B, 28A
AIREY FA Lieutenant 2nd, Bn.,
Otago Regiment
30 September 1917 XXV, AA, 20
AIREY W Gunner 330th, Brigade,
Royal Field Artillery
5 January 1918 XXVI, DD, 5A
AIRTON G Private 11th, Bn.,
Queen's Own (Royal West Kent Regiment)
11 March 1917 XI, B, 30
AITCHISON AW Lieutenant 13th, Bn.,
Québec Regiment (Royal Highlanders of Canada)
13 May 1916 V, A, 36
AITKEN AEH Private 8th, Bn.,
Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
11 April 1918 XXVI, H, 9
AITKEN A Gunner 24th Div., Ammunition Column,
Royal Field Artillery
18 July 1917 XVI, D, 10
AITKEN H Private 16th, Bn.,
Manitoba Regiment (Canadian Scottish)
1 April 1916 V, B, 39
AITKEN R Private 7th/8th, Bn.,
King's Own Scottish Borderers
24 June 1917 XIV, D, 21A
AITKEN W Private 9th, Bn.,
Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
23 September 1917 XXV, K, 9A
AKERS A Corporal 4th, Bn.,
Middlesex Regiment
15 September 1915 III, A, 26
AKRED A Private 1st/4th, Bn.,
King's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)
25 December 1916 X, C, 39
ALBA GJF Serjeant 15e, Régiment d'infanterie 13 May 1918 XXIX, L, 15
ALBERT G Infanterist 4., Bayr. Reserve Infanterie-Regiment 21 September 1917 XX, A, 7 Coll.


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