Research German graves

Over the past years Detlev Kmuche has brought several classes from his school to Ieper and Poperinge. During a recent visit at Lijssenthoek we came across him and asked whether he could help us with the German graves. Information on the German victims at Lijssenthoek is scarce. Detlev got his colleagues and pupils enthusiastic about the subject. The research started with the basic information on the gravestones. The pupils checked out the names on the database of the Volksbund. They discovered ranks and units. 

The team also made contact with Ludger Bäumer. He is doing research on Jewish soldiers in the German army during WW1. It is clear now that none of the Germans at Lijssenthoek were Jewish. Meanwhile, more details were found on Karl Klose. He came from a small village in Silesia (a former German province, now Poland) and served with the sixth company of the 459 infantry regiment. Karl died of his wounds on 31 August 1918. Details of this victim can be found on our website; go to 'appeal/research' and fill in his name.

We thank the team for their work: Natascha Schimanski, Marvin Wollnach, Janin Buschmann, Tatjana Kanke, Agnieszka Stasch, Mikel Simon, Sarah Peske, Vanessa Keller, Karina Geeven, Ayhan Onat (the pupils) and Petra Stach, Herbert Stateczny, Thomas Ronge en Detlev Kmuche (the teachers).