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Personal data

  • EG
  • Forrest Row
  • Sussex, England
  • Son of James and Elizabeth A. Waters, of Oakcroft, Forest Row, Sussex; three sisters and seven brothers;

Military service

  • October 1914
  • Lieutenant
  • 6th Squadron Royal Air Force (Flying Corps)
  • also served in the Hampshire Yeomanry Regiment; seconded for duty with the Signal Troop of the 1st South Western Mounted Brigade; assistant-instructor at the School of Military Engineering September 1915 - June 1916, attached to FRC; to France 2 October 1916;


  • Escorting photographic patrol; BE2g 7175 was shot up; observer Sgt Slingsby climbed into the pilot's cockpit and succeeded in landing between Vlamertinge and Ypres; he survived.
  • Killed in action, shot in the back and head;
  • 24 January 1917
  • 30
  • X - A - 1



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