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Personal data

  • J
  • Toronto
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Son of Joseph P. and Mary T. Blackhall, of 322, Brunswick Avenue, Toronto.
    brother, Pte. Charles M. Blackhall, wounded while serving with the Gloucester Regiment. Their father (J.P.B.) also enlisted with the 3rd Battalion C.E.F. Another brother, Pt. C. M. Blackhall, enlisted with the American Army. Yet another brother with overseas with the 127th Battalion C.E.F. and later the Canadian Railway Troops. Another brother went over with a Canadian unit but was returned to Canada as underage. Finally, a brother was serving in a local Munition plant.
  • Storekeeper

Military service

  • Sept. 1914, Valcartier Camp
  • 9418
  • Private
  • 3rd Bn. Central Ontario (Toronto) Regiment
  • 1st Brigade
  • 1st Canadian Division
  • C.E.F.


  • Died of gunshot wounds back and head, in n°3 Can CCS
  • 14 June 1916
  • 29
  • VII - C - 35A



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