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Personal data

  • 宋守元 Song Shouyuan (宋守元 SHOON SHOU YUEN)
  • China
  • 山东省长山县南十八里黄家坡 China, Shandong Province, Huangjiapo village eighteen miles South of Changshan county (according to 1920 photograph of gravemarker)
  • 1920 photograph of original gravemarker gives the (a) full home-address of the labourer (or of his next of kin), (b) the date of his death combining the Chinese Republican calendar and the lunar calendar (17th day of the 3rd lunar month of the 8th day of the Republic = 17 April 1919) and (c) the number of the company to which he belonged (39th)

Military service

  • 28230
  • Labourer
  • 39th Coy. Chinese Labour Corps
  • Labour Corps
  • B.E.F.


  • Spanish fever
  • 18 April 1919
  • XXXIV - A - 7



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