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Personal data

  • Malvern
  • Worcestershire, England
  • Son of Edward B. Fitton, of Malvern, Worcestershire;
    Husband of May Fitton, of "Island," Petersfield, Hantsfordshire;
  • Eton College and Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  • Director of Recruiting and Organisation at the War Office
  • A.D.C. Order of the Medjidie 4th Class (Turkey), Khedive's Bronze Star.
    He was the only general officer to become his division's first battle casualty.

Military service

  • Brigadier General
  • C B, D S O
  • General Staff Cdg. 101st Infantry Brigade.
  • He was gazetted Lieutenant in the Royal Berkshire Regiment 1884, promoted Captain 1893 and Brevet Major 1898. Four years later he was transferred to the Royal Warwicks and in February 1904 was again transferred, this time to the Royal West Kents and appointed Lieutenant-Colonel 1905. He subsequently rose to rank of Colonel in 1909. He served in several campaigns: the Sudan 1885, Egypt 1885-86 and several Nile Expeditions in the 1890s, and then in the Boer War 1899-1902. In 1905 he received the command of a Battalion of the Royal West Kent Regiment. In 1901 he was appoined Asstistant Adjutant General Eastern Command and in 1913 Director of Recruiting and Organisation at the War Office. In 1914 he was given command of a brigade; to France 8 January 1916


  • 18 January; he had been visiting the front line held by 16th Brigade near Vlamertinghe,to learn about trench warfare when he was shot by a sniper in the thighs.
  • Died of shot wounds in the thighs, in n° 10 CCS
  • 52
  • II - A - 27



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